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 Graham Taylor - Chief Executive

GrahamGraham Taylor co founded OpenForum Europe in 2002 and is its Chief Executive Officer

As CEO as well having legal and fiscal responsibility for the organisation, he takes the overall lead in developing and communicating OFE's external strategies and policies in partnership with its members and partners.

A regular speaker at international conferences, he has some 40 years of experience in the ICT industry, and prior to OFE was a Director at ICL (now Fujitsu). At ICL he held a number of senior roles most recently as Managing Director and President of the global Smart Card business with locations in the US, Ireland and the UK. Previously he was ICL's Software Business Development Manager with a global software portfolio of some £300 million annual revenue, and also Director of The Solution Centre, responsible for the business and team of 250 consultants at ICL's centre for the management of complex integration projects. He was for a short time ICL's Worldwide Marketing Director, responsible for all external and internal communications policy. Previously he has held roles in consultancy, support management, project management, and marketing – working across many aspects of IT and telecommunications, in different industry sectors. Always a strong advocate of 'openness' he led Unix International in the UK, and supported the business development of the internet as Director of the IT Forum Foundation.

He is married, with two grown up daughters, lives mainly in the UK, just outside London, but with a 'maison secondaire' in South West France, from which he regularly commutes to Brussels. In the dim and distant past he gained a Bsc Honours degree from the University of Sussex in Mathematics and Computer Engineering. Not a linguist, other than English he gets by in French.


Sachiko Muto - Director


Sachiko Muto joined OFE in 2007 and serves as Director with responsibility for government relations. Sachiko has over ten years of experience working in Brussels public affairs. With degrees in Political Science from the University of Toronto and the London School of Economics, she is currently a guest researcher at TU Delft where she takes an interest in the social and political implications of technological change.


Maël Brunet -  Director, European Policy & Government Relations

MB_smallMaël joined OFE in mid 2012 and is currently Director in charge of European Policy & Government Relations.

From the Brussels office he leads OFE's EU public policy strategy and serves as the main contact point in Brussels. He works on a diversity of topics including data protection, cybersecurity, standardisation, public procurement, Internet regulation, copyright and patent-related issues. Prior to joining OFE he completed an internship at the European Commission working on an audit of internal public procurement procedures.

 He is a graduate from the European Institute of ULB and Sciences Po Lille where he specialised in European economics. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics at the University of Kent. He is bilingual in English and French, has a working knowledge of Spanish and a basic understanding of Dutch.






Bob Blatchford - Non-Executive Director

BobBob has spent over thirty years in the IT Industry, 23 of them within the insurance sector. Whilst with Lloyd’s of London he worked with emerging technologies, cross discipline projects and commercialisation of internal IT services.

 Bob has held a number of senior management roles during his career, with responsibility for IT, telecommunications, business development, strategic planning, electronic trading, commercial activities and the development and introduction of Internet based services for markets. He has managed the delivery of a number of successful major projects for the London insurance market.

 Bob also has had a long-term involvement and strong interest in the introduction of e-commerce and e-trading initiatives in the London Insurance Market. He was a founding member of both LIMNET (London Insurance Market Network) and LNSG (Lloyd’s Network Steering Group) and has been active on a number of national and international committees encouraging and enabling the development of business to business e-commerce and standards.


 Basil Cousins - Non-Executive Director

BasilBasil started with IT in 1968, leading the development of basic applications and to his appointment as Data Processing Manager for the Costain Group in 1970. In 1972, he then founded Computel, an online computer bureau jointly owned by Costain and Mowlem running on ICL systems. In 1982, he was appointed Head of Operational Research in ICL, ASD ( Applied Systems Division) where he was instrumental in founding X/Open Group, now The Open Group. In June 1985, X/Open published the first definition of a Common Applications Environment, based on AT&T SVID (Unix system V). In 1986, Basil joined Olivetti where he managed corporate communications. At the same time, he served as Vice-President of UNIX International with Graham Taylor as President. Basil served in the CBI London Region Council for many years. There, he initiated LondonLink designed to make London a secure global data communication hub with Nomura, Lloyds of London and other as supporters to a system powered by BT and AT&T. In 2002 Graham Taylor and Basil co-founded OpenForum Europe, initially to promote Linux and Open Source Software in the European Commission and across Europe, particularly UK. Emphasis quickly changed to an overall focus on Open Standards.  Basil retired as Executive Director of OFE in October 2013 and now act in an advisory role as a Non-Executive Director with a special interest in the UK.

Since 2005, Basil has served as Hon.Secretary of the Ethical and Spiritual Panel of the Information Technologists Company (a City of London Livery Company) which explores comparative multi-belief/faith ethics in the digital age. In parallel, he specialises in the long term relationship of the Russian Orthodoxy and Islam.

 Basil is married 6 children (eldest sadly deceased), 15  grandchildren and 3 grandchildren - so far!  He qualified as a Chartered Company Secretary ACIS) and a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA). Qualified Russian Linguist in the Royal Navy -Lieut Commander RNR (rtd).  He gained an MA in Contemporary Theology - Catholic Tradition) in 2000 and M Phil (Russian Orthodoxy and Islam) in 2005 at Heythrop College, London University.


Alea Fairchild - Non-Executive Director

Alea Fairchild Dr. Alea Fairchild is a market influencer at The Constantia Institute and also a Professor in the research group Quantitative Business Processes at KU Leuven's campus in Brussels, where she teaches business research methods. She was previously been a Senior Researcher at Tilburg University in The Netherlands in the Department of Information Management. Her academic training is in the area of information economics.

Dr. Alea Fairchild is passionate about commercial marketing and innovation, and as an entrepreneur, has started several companies of her own. She loves working with start-ups and actively supports VCs in due diligence work. She also assists governmental institutions on technology policy issues.

Her special area of interest is the development and use of intelligence and technology in product planning and business strategy. Her technical expertise lies in open architectures, cloud and interoperability. She excels in CxO level interactions on technology trends and future forecasts.

Dr. Fairchild has more than sixteen years experience in global IT market analysis, and has worked for many of the major market research agencies as both an analyst and as a consultant. She has also performed as a consultant for the European Commission, as well as major multinational IT companies throughout Europe. She is the author of five books. Her book, "Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations", is available from Kluwer Academic Publishers . Her latest book was released by die Keure in March 2008 focusing on her work with start-up organizations: "Entrepreneurship: Introduction to Business Plans". Dr. Fairchild received her Ph.D in Applied Economics from Limburgs Universitair Centrum (now Univ. Hasselt) in Belgium, in the area of banking and technology. She has a Masters degree in International Management from Boston University/Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, and a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


Karel De Vriendt - Non-Executive Director

KarelKarel De Vriendt worked twenty five years (1987-2012) as an IT expert for the European Commission. From 2005 to 2011, he was leading the team responsible for the implementation of the IDABC programme and for the definition and implementation of the ISA programme. He was actively involved in initiatives such as the transeuropean network TESTA, the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) and the Semantic Interoperability Centre Europe (SEMIC) now both merged into Joinup and in the elaboration of the European Interoperability Strategy and the European Interoperability Framework. During his career, he also acquired a good practical experience in the public procurement of IT goods and services. Karel De Vriendt is now retired but has kept his interest in improving (computer based) public services via the collaboration between public and private partners and via the sharing and re-use of software based service components. He also remains a big supporter of open standards and open source software as essential elements to support collaboration, sharing and reuse.





Mel McIntyre - Non Executive Director


A Non Executive Director of OpenForum Europe since 2005, Mel has been a long time advocate of Open Source and Openness while very much understanding the need for sustainable business models to counter the monopolistic models practiced by some corporates and embraced by many European Governments and public sector bodies.
Founder and Managing Director of OpenApp in Dublin in 2002, Mel focuses primarily on Open Source in Healthcare, developing and supporting a broad range of applications in areas of quality assurance, health intelligence, disease registries. Mel contributes to a broad range of initiatives such as NHS Open Source, OSEHRA, the US organisation promoting open source in healthcare, EHILive and others.

Versatile and innovative problem solver with well over 30 years in computing, quality management and professional services. Mel spent 10 years in Silicon Valley in mainframe and server development with Amdahl Corporation and microprocessor design at Rise Technology.
Mel is a keen sportsman volunteering for nearly forty years with the Gaelic Athletic Association, one of the greatest amateur sporting organisations in the world and an organisation that espouses the values of participation, inclusiveness, identity and respect that closely mirror the values of OpenForum Europe.


Tony Ford - Legal Consultant

Tony Ford

Tony joined us in March 2015. He studied law for 4 years at Cambridge University, qualified as a solicitor 36 years ago, and has been employed in the IT industry ever since.

Most recently, Tony held a dedicated global legal role with TCS, aligned specifically with a new software group.

Before TCS, Tony acquired his professional experience as an IBM UK lawyer. Following 4 years in Paris at IBM's European HQ, Tony was general legal Counsel at the prestigious Hursley (UK) software laboratory. There, Tony also advised at a European level on IBM’s collaborative research contracts (including FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020, and similar country-specific arrangements), and for the legal aspects in EMEA of outbound OEM sales and licensing initiatives with key clients. Tony also helped edit IBM’s main standard sales/licensing direct customer contract forms, and co-ordinated European country-specific legal inputs.

In IBM Hursley, Tony developed close working relationships with his IP legal colleagues, and discovered Open Source licensing. He's pleased now to be able to help support OFE and OFA in their missions of promoting the use of open standards in ICT in Europe, and exploring paradigm shifts towards openness in computing.

As well as his 'pro-bono' support for OFE, Tony also consults for a global IT manufacturer.

Tony is married (to another solicitor), with three adult daughters. His recreational interests include scuba diving (warm water!), underwater photography, downhill skiing, genealogy, theatre, opera and wine appreciation. Tony was born in France, also speaks French, and aims to improve his rather rusty German.


Shane Coughlan - OFA Fellowship coordinator

Shane Coughlan

An expert in communication methods and business development. He is best known for building bridges between commercial and non-commercial stakeholders in the technology sector. His professional accomplishments include establishing a legal department for the main NGO promoting Free Software in Europe, building a professional network of over 270 legal counsel and technical  experts across 4 continents, and aligning corporate and community interests to launch the first law review dedicated to Free/Open Source Software.

 Shane has extensive knowledge of Internet technologies, management best practice, community building and Free/Open Source Software. His experience includes engagement with the server, desktop, embedded and mobile telecommunication industries. He does business in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and maintains a broad network of contacts."





Rod Norman - Webmaster


Rod has spent over 30 years in the IT Industry with 23 years in ICL Product Development, both hardware and software design, most recently in Retail Systems as Project Manager responsible for major software introductions in the High Street and Travel Sectors. 

Rod has been with OFE since 2006 and has been involved in all major web projects as well as day to day topical news management and weekly monitoring.







Diana Cocoru - Policy Analyst

 DianaDiana has been serving as Policy Analyst at OFE since May 2014.

 Having graduated in Law (University of Bucharest), European Studies (Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne) and EU’s External Relations and Diplomacy (College of Europe), she further acquired professional experience in the European Parliament, NGOs sector and private business.

  She is passionate about ICT and has spent the previous years driving change, by encouraging increased transparency at political level and putting technology to the benefit of local communities, in Europe and Africa.

 She is proficient in English and French. In addition, she speaks intermediate Spanish and German, and basic Arabic.




Iliy Naidenoff - Policy Intern


Iliy Naidenoff is the newest addition to the OFE team. He started in April 2015 as a Policy Intern.
Iliy came to Belgium to study Political Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. After graduating in September 2014 Iliy started a traineeship at the European Parliament where his focus was the Digital Agenda for Europe, civic education and international relations. Iliy has always been interested by the IT world and by technology in general. He will be contributing to the work of the OFE team in Brussels. 
His mother tongue is Bulgarian but he also speaks English and French fluently as well as some basic Spanish. 


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