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10 steps to avoid cloud vendor lock-in

ZDNet - The Open Group consortium releases guidelines on what enterprises should be aware of, and what actions the industry should be taking to achieve greater standardization in the cloud.

Along with security, one of the most difficult issues with cloud platforms is the risk of vendor lock-in. By assigning business processes and data to cloud service providers, it may get really messy and expensive to attempt to dislodge from the arrangement if it's time to make a change.

There are ways enterprises, as well as the industry in general, can address these lock-in issues. Solutions to potential vendor lock-in were recently surfaced in a new guide from The Open Group.

The guide, compiled by a team led by Kapil Bakshi and Mark Skilton, provides key pointers for enterprises seeking to develop independently functioning clouds, as well as recommendations to the industry on standards that need to be adopted or extended.

Here are 10 key problems and recommendations identified by The Open Group team for achieving cloud formations based on standards, rather than on vendor technology: