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AllSeen's Internet of Things: All-Seeing Too?

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - A year ago, I wrote a piece about cloud computing's dark secret: that using it in Europe was probably equivalent to making all your files readily available to the US government. And that was before the Snowden revelations confirmed that this was no mere theoretical possibility. I'm not claiming any amazing prescience here: I certainly had no idea of the scale of what was going on, as I've explained in a series of posts on the NSA spying programme. But I can claim a deep and abiding unease about cloud computing, which is why I never jumped on that particular bandwagon, and have written relatively little about it on this blog.

I must now declare a similar concern about the Internet of things. Last week, I discussed the Linux Foundation's latest mega-project, the AllSeen Alliance, that aims to put open source at the heart of the increasingly fashionable Internet of things idea. There I wanted to emphasise the good fit between free software and networking billions of devices. I think this will become a vast, new sector, with potentially huge ramifications for modern life. But here, by contrast, I want to sound a note of caution.