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CloudStore: who's going to use it?

The Guardian - The government must be pleased with the early reactions to the launch of CloudStore. While there may be a few grumbles about specific suppliers not being on the procurement framework for cloud services, most of the comments have been positive and emphasised its potential for the public sector to save money.

But it leaves open a question of who is going to use it and what kind of take-up there is going to be over the next few months. Public authorities have still been running formal procurements for infrastructure or software-as-a-service, and it may be that while many agree it's a great idea, far fewer will be in a hurry to make use of CloudStore.

While it has been a central government initiative, there is a view that there is more potential for use in local government. Phil Pavitt, chief information officer at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), says his department was party to its design, but is in no hurry to rush in with business.