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Don't let the cloud get hijacked online!

Cloud Industry Forum - Applications for the proposed internet gTLD of .CLOUD are illogical and fundamentally flawed, warns those representing the Cloud industry

The Cloud Industry Forum is calling for greater education and promotion by ICANN about the proposed gTLD registry consultation process, and to ensure it has taken appropriate actions to ensure the consequences are understood and feedback is sought rather than passively awaiting a deadline.

OFE quote - Graham Taylor, CEO of Open Forum Europe stated: “We support CIF in their concern based on a number of issues not least the fact that the broader market appears to be completely oblivious of the proposed changes to gTLD registry. We are convinced that if they are aware of the fact that some commercial organisations are applying for generic categories in the industries in which they compete, and could operate them at their discretion without having to abide by a clear set of rules, this is anti-competitive in the extreme and in particular regard to .CLOUD will only serve to confuse the market about a nascent method of delivering IT as a service. In the same way as the Internet itself was successfully built on the principle of Openness - open standards, open access, and free of restriction allowing innovation for all – so must the Cloud. It will be only too easy to slip into the bad old days of lock-in to closed systems, controlled by single suppliers”