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ePrivacy watchdog raises concerns over 'net neutrality'

Eurativ - The EU's data security watchdog has warned of “serious implications” for privacy and data protection if a disproportionate approach is taken to ensure net neutrality like filtering network traffic on a grand scale.

Though net neutrality means that traffic should not be tampered with, experts admit that guranteeing the same level of service for users involves some traffic management which privacy watchdogs warn could become invasive.

In an opinion issued last Friday (7 October), the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) warns against “certain inspection techniques used by ISPs [internet service providers] which may be highly privacy-intrusive, especially when they reveal the content of individuals’ internet communications, including emails sent or received, websites visited and files downloaded.”

“It is therefore crucial that compliance with data protection rules be closely monitored,” concludes the EDPS.