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Exploring Anti-Net Neutrality Arguments

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - As I noted recently, net neutrality is back in the spotlight, so I thought it would be useful - and maybe entertaining - to look at an anti-net neutrality article for the insights it gives us about how the other side views things. It's called "Pick Up On One and Let The Other One Ride", and appears in the Huffington Post. Here's how it frames the discussion:

One direction follows the lead of activists who worry that without "net neutrality," a non-competitive broadband world will lead the major broadband infrastructure companies to stifle the flow of Internet content and extract a pound of digital flesh from the content they do allow. It sounds romantic and epic -- the people standing up against the great forces that would stifle their voices, Liberty on the Barricades. Except there's no evidence that's going on.

Note how, once more, this frames net neutrality in terms of content, when it actually about more general Internet-based services that may have nothing to do with media of any kind. This shows the conceptual bias of those against net neutrality: what they are fighting for is the ability to prioritise certain content over the rest. As I've pointed out before, what this really means is turning the Internet into a kind of super-TV system.