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Kroes: Trust, security needed for wider cloud adoption

ZDNet - >Cloud computing plays an integral role in the new digital age but trust and security needs to be consistently instilled for people to be comfortable in such an environment, noted a senior European Commission (EC) official.

Neelie Kroes, vice president of digital agenda at the EC, said there are tangible benefits to having both public and private sectors across Europe embrace cloud computing, of which the primary one is "great cost savings". Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are among the beneficiaries, she added during the Digital Agenda Panel held Wednesday as part of's Dreamforce 2011.

That said, she noted that there needs to be trust and security in the system for the technology to flourish and add value to stakeholders. And because European countries are mostly democracies, the process "takes time" and will need to overcome cultural barriers, she added.