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Neelie Kroes backs the open internet and net neutrality

The Inquirer - EUROPEAN COMMISSION (EC) VP for the digital agenda Neelie Kroes has spoken up about the importance of a free and open internet and net neutrality.

Kroes, who is the EC's digital champion, addresses this subject often.

"The internet is a wonderful tool for openness, freedom and innovation. No wonder it is so important to so many citizens. And no wonder the debate over 'net neutrality' can seem so charged," she said.

"For me this debate is not about dogma and slogans - it's about understanding what's important online, and preserving it. It's a complex debate about a complex network. A debate where we must understand, not just the struggles of the past, but the opportunities of the future."

According to Kroes, Europeans are being presented with a brick wall when it comes to some online services and are being "treated badly" by local ISPs.

"Currently too many Europeans find that services are blocked and throttled by their internet provider. I believe every European should have access to the full and open internet, absolutely guaranteed, without such discrimination," she added.