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Neelie Kroes: Europe needs to embrace a cloud strategy, avoid national fortresses

Silicon Republic - European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has called for the creation of an EU-wide strategy for cloud computing that makes full use of the single market. She said it was important to avoid the creation of a tapestry of small clouds in smaller markets.

Speaking yesterday at the Economic Council Symposium 'Cloud-Computing – Between Growth Opportunities and Privacy' in Brussels, Belgium, Kroes said cloud computing could revolutionise public services while ensuring opportunities and recognition for innovators.

“Modern science depends on a huge amount of data: the cloud offers a fast and flexible way to store, process and share it,” Kroes explained.

“Even for scientists working in different disciplines or different countries, hundreds of kilometres apart. That's why a number of prominent research centres, for example CERN and the European Space Agency, have teamed up to launch a massive cloud computing effort, Helix Nebula.”