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Net neutrality comes to the UK - sort of

ZDNet -  Most of the UK's big ISPs have agreed not to discriminate against the traffic of any particular content provider, and to be open with their customers about the types of content that they downgrade or block.

BT, BSkyB, TalkTalk, Three, O2 and others committed themselves to these net-neutrality-related measures in a voluntary code of practice that was published on Wednesday. Virgin Media, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere have refused to sign the Open Internet Code of Practice, despite having supported a predecessor to the code last year.

"Signatories to this code support the concept of the open internet and the general principle that legal content, applications and services, or categories thereof should not be blocked," the new code begins.

"Whilst products that offer full internet access will be the norm, in order to support product differentiation and consumer choice, ISPs retain the ability to offer alternative types of products," it continues. "In instances where certain classes of legal content, applications and/or services are unavailable on a product signatories to this code will not use the term 'internet access' to describe or market such products; and ensure that any restrictions are effectively communicated to consumers."