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Net Neutrality: the Plum report on the Open Internet

BBC Internet Blog - As part of the ongoing debate about traffic management (or 'net neutrality' as it is sometimes referred to), I have been leading the BBC's discussions with Government and regulators about the subject.

The BBC strongly believes that the open internet needs to be safeguarded to ensure consumers can access all the internet content and services of their choice. We're not opposed to premium internet services if consumers want to pay extra, but it's critical that no matter how many fast lanes there are, the 'best efforts' open internet should itself provide a very good, and consistently and fairly delivered, service.

Along with some other internet content and service providers, we commissioned a study which has now been published. The report considers some of the telcos' main arguments for introducing more traffic management - including that their costs are ballooning due to traffic growth; that content providers 'free ride' on networks; and that introducing charges for content providers is necessary to help investment in superfast broadband.