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No one's neutral about net neutrality

The Washington Post - When the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission earlier this month revealed he had circulated among his fellow commissioners a draft proposal to ensure continued Internet openness, the criticism started rolling in.

Next-generation Internet companies such as Netflix and Skype said Julius Genachowski's net neutrality proposal was weak; public interest groups complained that it would be challenged in the courts because it did not adequately establish the commission's authority over the Internet; entrepreneurs said its provisions would stifle innovation; and the trade association representing broadband service providers reiterated its position that there isn't a problem that requires regulation in the first place.

The dissonance has been a boon for K Street and its echoes are unlikely to fade anytime soon.

Over the past three years, more than 150 organizations hired at least 118 outside lobbying groups to influence the outcome of the vote currently scheduled for the commission's open meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 21, a Capital Business analysis of congressional lobbying records shows.