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Oracle: Our cloud to be cheap as open source

ZDNet - Oracle is making a push as a cloud provider, two years after its chief executive, Larry Ellison, dismissed the concept as mere marketing hype.

"Cloud computing is not only the future of computing, it is the present and the entire past of computing... All it is is a computer attached to a network," Ellison said in a speech in 2009. "Our industry is so bizarre. They change a term and think they've invented a technology."

But as more businesses have adopted the cloud, Oracle has warmed to the approach. It has developed private cloud hardware systems — Exalogic and Exadata — based on Sun technology, and Ellison launched Oracle Cloud Services at Oracle OpenWorld in October, saying, "We need a cloud."

Tyler Jewell, head of strategy for Oracle Cloud Services, talked to ZDNet UK about the company's nascent cloud and how it hopes to attract small businesses that, in the past, have been too "intimidated" by Oracle to use its products. In particular, he described how Oracle expects its services to end up as cheap to run as those based on open-source technology, such as OpenStack.