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Oracle to open cloud data centre dedicated to G-Cloud

Computing - Computer giant Oracle is setting up a data centre "in the Thames Valley" in order to retain and capture government cloud computing business.

The data centre is Oracle's second in the UK after Linlithgow in Scotland, which it picked up when it acquired Sun Microsystems. 

The move is partly to defend existing business in the UK public sector, but also to win new business as the government moves towards a "cloud first" policy in a bid to squeeze IT costs.

The new data centre will be opening in June or July, will be filled with Oracle Sparc-based hardware running both Solaris and Linux, and will offer both applications "in the cloud", as well as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Users will be able to use both Oracle's enterprise database, in addition to Oracle's MySQL open source database.

The new facility will be dedicated to support of G-Cloud services to the UK public sector and compliant with IL3 (Business Impact Level 3) standards, as required to offer services under G-Cloud.