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Time to Fight for Net Neutrality in the EU

ComputerWorldUKGlyn Moody - Net neutrality is one of those areas that most people are vaguely in favour of, without giving it much thought. Governments take advantage of this to make sympathetic noises while doing precisely nothing to preserve it. For example, following a UK consultation on net neutrality two years ago, Ofcom came out with a very wishy-washy statement that basically said we think net neutrality is a jolly good idea but we won't actually do anything to protect it.

That was particularly regrettable because already there were clear cases of UK operators undermining net neutrality. Since then, things have only got worse, as an important report [.pdf] from BEREC (Board of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) released earlier this year makes only too plain.

Although it's relatively short, and has plenty of easy-to-absorb graphs, there's a great summary of the findings from La Quadrature du Net, which has been following net neutrality closely (as well as playing a key role in helping to defeat ACTA in Europe):