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Towards further Globalisation of the Internet

Europa - Brussels, 15 March 2014 – Vice President Neelie Kroes today warmly welcomed the announcement of the United States Government to "transition out of the IANA function", which will allow a more global multi-stakeholder basis for an important element of governance of the Internet.

"This is an historical step in making Internet governance truly global, and marks major progress towards the development of a multi-stakeholder model as advocated in the Commission's recent Communication" Vice-President Kroes said.

Until now the United States has had the final say in changes to globally used data on top-level Internet domain names, such as .com or .de.  The Commission has been pushing for such a move since 2009 and, most recently in its Communication on Internet Policy and Governance of 12 February 2014, called for the globalisation of the IANA functions.

The Commission's Communication – like the US announcement – stresses the need to safeguard in the globalisation process the security and stability of the Internet, and commits to the multi-stakeholder model of governance.