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UK Net Neutrality Under (Coded) Attack

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - Yesterday I wrote that I hoped to post here my submission to the important EU consultation on net neutrality that is currently open. However, there have been some important developments in this area that need to be covered first.

First, La Quadrature du Net, which I mentioned yesterday, has written a stinging response to the separate consultation that BEREC, the Body of European Regulators of European Communications, is running until the end of this month on the report it produced, discussed yesterday:

La Quadrature du Net publishes its non-answer to the EU body of telecoms regulators' (BEREC) consultation on Net Neutrality. It is not time for yet-another consultation on the EU Commission's failed "wait-and-see" policy aimed at letting telecom operators take control of the Internet by discriminating communications. The only way to protect a free Internet as well as freedoms and innovation online is to clearly enact and protect Net Neutrality in EU law.

Well, I think that makes its position pretty clear: net neutrality enshrined in EU law, now.

Interestingly, the same page includes links to three countries that have already done that: Chile, the Netherlands and Peru. That's crucially important, because it gives the lie to the argument that it simply isn't possible to enact net neutrality through legislation. As I mentioned yesterday, the EU and UK government prefer to push for "voluntary" agreements - like the one announced here: