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100+ cities worldwide join Open Data Day

The Information Daily - The Open Knowledge Foundation's Open Data Day '14 connected 100+ cities on five continents. Vicky Sargent rolled up her digital sleeves at the Birmingham event.

Signing up for Saturday’s Open Data Day in Birmingham I hadn’t realised it was one of more than 100 similar sessions taking place on the same day around the world.

With cities participating across five continents, including six in the UK (Birmingham, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, and Sheffield), 16 in the US, 32 in Japan, and 14 across Africa, this was a genuinely worldwide happening, with experience shared as it happened via Twitter, Wikipedia and a host of other online tools.

Co-ordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) the point of Open Data Day 2014 was to get people in cities around the world writing applications, liberating data, creating visualizations and publishing analyses using open public data.