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Big data: Why most businesses just don't get it

ZDNet - Despite the buzz around big data, take-up among businesses remains low — because most organisations don't understand how to exploit it.

Many are looking at big data — large datasets from multiple sources — and trying to figure out what it is, according to Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Debra Logan.

"People have that sense that once things get hyped like this they are somehow behind the curve," she told a London roundtable debate.

"But I would say that 95 to 97 percent of the organisations that I know — outside research organisations, people who crunch weather data, that kind of thing — are in fact only in the exploratory phase right now," she said. "Of that 97 percent, how many are actually going to have big-data issues or big-data benefits?"

According to Logan: "It's almost as if this is a solution looking for a problem."