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Government Chief Data Officer? We Need an Army of Data Analysts

Huffington Post

- The government is such a great candidate to benefit from better analysis and use of data both internally and externally, given the volume of data available to it. So it was pleasing to see an article by Eddie Copeland, Head of Technology Policy at Policy Exchange, where he argues that the government needs to "fundamentally redesign how it works" to make better use of technology and data. I wholeheartedly agree that it can't just be about "bolting new technology on to old ways of working".


We need a bit of a revolution! Eddie suggests one key factor holding back these improvements is implementing new open standards for data - indeed the government has raised the prospect of a Government Chief Data Officer. This role could have a great impact, but what worries me, is whether the government or public sector overall has the foresight and skills to a) make this happen, and b) make the most of this data to effectively improve systems and services. For both requirements, we need data analysts working throughout government organisations.