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Government invests £1.5m in public sector open data initiatives

V3 - The government has announced a multimillion-pound investment fund for public sector organisations that release data for use in community and technology projects.

The funding, which starts with an initial £1.5m investment in several open data initiatives, is lead by the Cabinet Office and the Open Data User Group (ODUG), an advisory group for the access and use of public sector data.

The fund will aid public sector organisations actively releasing the data, and will also go towards training existing staff to incite a "culture change" to improve the future availability of public data. More than 100 spaces have already been awarded to senior public servants who will act as ambassadors for the release of data across the public sector.

Local authorities are of notable interest. The Cabinet Office intends to create a consistent set of methodologies for local governments and city councils to follow when releasing data for third-party use.