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Government lures US open data guru

UKauthorITy - Professor Beth Noveck, former head of President Obama's Open Government Initiative, has been recruited to the UK, Chancellor George Osborne announced today.  Noveck, author of Wiki Government, is an advocate for open data. Osborne described her as "a world class recruit" who will be "working alongside" the Cabinet Office's open data taskforce.

In a speech to Google's Zeitgeist conference in London, Osborne stressed the potential of the web to change both policy-making and the running of services. "If we make the most of this opportunity, there is no doubt that we can significantly reduce the cost of government."

The speech was notable as the first time that Osborne has engaged so thoroughly with the government digital agenda. The Treasury has been seen as a potential obstacle to freeing government data. However his speech highlighted the potential of open data for economic and scientific returns.

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