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Intel, ARM and IBM look to drive IoT growth with Hypercat data sharing standard

The Inquirer - A GROUP of 40 technology firms have developed an Internet of Things (IoT) specification called Hypercat to spur the growth of internet-connected devices in the UK.

The firms, which includes Intel, ARM, IBM and BT, announced the Hypercat IoT specification on Thursday, a project that has seen funding of £6.4m from the government's Technology Strategy Board.

The group said that it hopes Hypercat can encourage an open standards based IoT that will enable sensors and devices to share information more easily and reduce the need for human intervention.

Unlike Google's recent opening of Nest's APIs which means developers will be able to write code to allow for interaction between IoT devices, Hypercat will let applications search for data from connected devices across multiple data hubs and make sense of it without human involvement.