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Local government needs structure to exploit data

UKAuthority - Local government needs more formal structures to make the most of its data, with a digital programme for the sector and the creation of regional analytics hubs, according to a report from the think tank New Local Government Network (NLGN).

Titled Demystifying Data and sponsored by cloud software company Socrata, it says that while local authorities are doing some good work with open data and analytics, there is an immense untapped potential that needs more coordination between public bodies.

"Councils are sitting on a goldmine of data that can help them transform their services and drive local economic growth," said Simon Parker, director of the NLGN. "But too often this information is locked up in siloed databases where staff and the public can't get hold of it.

"Radical transparency will be the hallmark of 21st century governance. It is time for British councils to take a lead and show how it can be done."