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Open Data Challenge – a milestone in the development of public sector information in Europe

OpenForum Europe (OFE) and its sister organization, the OFE Academy are delighted to have been involved in the organizing of the Open Data Challenge, a competition designed to inspire developers to come up with innovative and useful ways of re-using public data.

This is a relatively new field of activity for us. We became aware of it a year ago when Nigel Shadbolt, an open data pioneer and collaborator with worldwide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, spoke about it at our 2010 annual summit in Brussels (2010 Shadbolt presentation).

Opening up government data for re-use has been going on for a few years now in Europe, longer in the U.S.. There have been numerous grass roots events like hackathons and local open data competitions to encourage people to make use of the data that we pay pay for with our taxes, which for the most part sits in civil servants' databases gathering virtual dust.