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Open data push is essential for growth, says Deloitte report

Computing - The use of open data could be a critical factor in determining the success or failure of the UK's growth agenda, according to a report from business advisory firm Deloitte.

But although the move will increase transparency and make government more innovative, responsive and better informed, there are ongoing issues around privacy, the report warns.

Called Unlocking Growth, How Open Data Creates New Opportunities for The UK, the report argues that providing data to the public will bring four main benefits:

Openness: as a result of making raw data easy to access and reuse the government will increase its accountability to citizens.

Innovation: the move will make citizens and government more innovative by encouraging the public and government developers to design own applications and harvest value from public data.

Responsiveness: access to information from social networks means the government can participate in public debate and be more responsive to the public.

Better informed: data analytics will become a core competency, improving productivity, quality and performance in the public sector.

The report follows several big announcements around making data more open.