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Shakespeare Review calls for 'National Data Strategy'

Public Technology - The Shakespeare Review was launched at the Policy Exchange this morning by YouGov CEO and Data Strategy Board chairman Stephan Shakespeare. 

The report called for the government to devise and implement a 'National Data Strategy' in what he termed "phase II of the digital revolution."

"The first phase was about communication, this phase is about using increased tech capacity to do new and exciting things with data."

Shakespeare went on to describe the competitive advantage Britain has with data thanks to centralised public services that collect vast amounts of data - particularly in the NHS, but much of the value currently remains untapped.

"It's not enough to have a vision, or a policy," he continued. "We have to have a clearly defined, highly visible national strategy – an implementation plan that can be transparently audited.

"Only then can we create a predictable environment allowing businesses, organisations, and citizens to cash in on big data."

So how can the data be harnessed?