ODF Overview

OpenForum Europe is a strong supporter of the only ISO-certificated standard on electronic office documents, the Open Document Format (ODF). ODF provides perpetual access to documents, spreadsheets and presentations independent of the applications that created them. It is open, vendor-neutral and therefore ideal for consumers, companies and governmental agencies,allowing them to build and run all kinds of applications on top of it, which serve their needs best. We are concerned by various of the Microsoft cooperation, which is trying to establish OOXML as a second and competitive standard in the same area. OOXML does not help consumers, companies and governmental agiences, but only Microsoft's revenue and product strategy and therefore hinders competition and innovation. We are also concerned on how European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) acts as an International Standards organisation in this context. OpenForum Europe will provide a number of documents, white papers and links to sources over the next months until the ISO ballot resolution meeting end of February 2008 in Geneva, helping the interested audience to get an overview and deeper understanding of the issues around OOXML and ODF on topics such as technology, patents, e-governements etc.

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