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UK Government's Latest Consultation on Open Standards

The UK Government (UKG) has announced its expected public consultation on Open Standards and in contrast to much speculation the consultation is built on a firm statement confirming UKG's continuing support for Open Standards and the recognition of the potential it unlocks. This is strongly welcomed by OFE.

The latest consultation follows a successful Open Standards Survey conducted last year which generated a very high response (over 970). The vast majority (over 90%) of the respondents were in favour of the Open Standards approach, and they approved of the definition chosen by UKG.

UKG explains that a new consultation is needed because there are “additional issues which were highlighted” in last year's Survey, but doesn't say what those issues were. Whilst it has been denied that lobbying has been a factor in effectively repeating the exercise, it is clear that those who have an interest in protecting the status quo have been active. However, the arguments are not new, the positions are well known and documented. We doubt that new factors will emerge in the Consultation and at some point UKG will still have to make a decision.