BRM Delegates Update

Dear BRM Delegates,

OpenForum Europe was delighted that so many of the BRM delegates found the time to attend the Conference sessions that were outside the BRM schedule. We gave a commitment to the BRM convenor that OFE will not interfere in any way with the arrangements for the BRM , and we hope you share the view that this was very successfully achieved. You will of course already noticed that the topics on the OFE Conference programme are not directly aligned in any way with the BRM focus – this was deliberate!

Over the next week copies of speaker presentations will become available on the website, and we also expect to be able to host a video of the Keynote session led by Vint Cerf.

At the end of the Conference a Declaration was announced signed by some 17 member organisations based in Europe, representing some thousands of organisations and individuals. Many of these comments will be of particularly important to those attending meetings of National Bodies over the next month.

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