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22nd June 2012


FCC boss applauds moves to block UN internet control  Jun 22, 2012

The Register - FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has issued a public statement of support after a senior Congressional committee unanimously approved a resolution condemning moves to bring the internet under new management.

Government representatives should "continue working to implement the position of the United States on Internet governance that clearly articulates the consistent and unequivocal policy of the United States to promote a global Internet free from government control and preserve and advance the successful multistakeholder model that governs the Internet today," the resolution reads.



FOI request: Public sector favours legacy over open-source storage  Jun 20, 2012

 Computing - Local and central government departments in the UK are favouring legacy storage systems from the likes of IBM and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) as opposed to open-source storage, according to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The request was made by open-source software provider Nexenta Systems, and the revelation comes despite the government's efforts over the past few years to cut costs and create a level playing field between open source and proprietary software vendors.


Open access is the future of academic publishing, says Finch report  Jun 20, 2012

 The Guardian - Making all the UK's publicly funded scientific research free for anyone to read could cost up to £60m per year, according to an independent study commissioned by the government. Professor Dame Janet Finch, who led the work, said "open access" was the future for academic publishing and that the short-term transition costs she had identified should reduce over time as more articles became freely available and the journal subscription costs currently paid by university libraries fell.

Prof Finch, a sociologist at the University of Manchester, was asked by the government to consult academics and publishers on how the UK could make the scientific research funded by taxpayers available free of charge while maintaining high standards of peer review and without undermining the UK's successful publishing industry.

"In the longer term, the future lies with open access publishing," said Finch at the launch of her report on Monday. "The UK should recognise this change, should embrace it and should find ways of managing it in a measured way."


Europe Lacks IT Skills for Growth, Commission Says  Jun 20, 2012

PCW - Poor IT skills could stall Europe's economic recovery, according to figures released by the European Union on Monday.

The annual digital agenda scoreboard showed that only half of the European labor force has sufficient IT skills for the jobs that are available. According to the figures only 43 percent of the E.U. population has medium or high Internet skills and can, for example, "use the Internet to make a phone call or create a web page." Almost a quarter have no ICT skills at all. It is estimated that ICT vacancies will number 700,000 by 2015.

The European IT sector is currently worth 6 percent of E.U. GDP and accounts for more than 8 million jobs. Although there is growing demand for ever-faster Internet access and more mobile connectivity, online shopping is still a national activity, with only a 10th of online consumers shopping across borders. In addition, the majority of small and medium-size companies (SMEs) neither shop nor sell online and commercial research investment has stalled.

"This attachment to 20th century policy mindsets and business models is hurting Europe's economy. It's a terrible shame. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by under-investing. Europe will be flattened by its global competitors if we continue to be complacent," said Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes in a statement.



Draft Communications Data Bill: Daft and Dangerous  Jun 18, 2012

 ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - We knew it was coming, and here it is: the Communications Data Bill (.pdf.). First the good news:

we are submitting the Bill to formal pre-legislative scrutiny by a Joint Committee of both Houses. The Intelligence and Security Committee will in parallel conduct an inquiry into the proposals. We will consider very carefully the reports by the Joint Committee, and the Intelligence and Security Committee before introducing the Bill in Parliament later in the session.

One hopes that the public's views might also be considered somewhere in there. The other good news is the format in which it is being published: Read more...

A new way to end the patent madness  Jun 18, 2012

InfoWorld - Simon Phipps - The new Defensive Patent License (DPL), launched this week by two UC Berkeley law professors, offers an improved way for businesses -- especially small businesses -- to protect themselves from patent attacks. Over time, it may also disarm patent trolls by reducing the supply of "weaponized" patents.

The DPL is an idea whose time has come. Patents, especially software patents, have become a running sore for the tech industry. If widely adopted -- that's a big "if" -- the DPL could offer a cure that provides special benefit to the open source community.

Read more..


Open source cloud leads pack  Jun 18, 2012

ITWeb - Companies of all sizes view cloud computing as a strategic business opportunity. With the increase in the number of cloud infrastructure providers, businesses are now able to choose from a variety of options to align their cloud strategies with their specific business needs, Market Watch reports.

RightScale, a cloud management company, has announced results of a new market study of more than 600 companies to uncover how businesses are approaching cloud computing and what priorities they set for implementing their cloud strategies.

According to Forbes, among the 64% of respondents who plan to include a private cloud option as part of their cloud portfolio, open source private cloud solutions are taking the lead. Read more...



23 June 2012 | France

French government awards two million support contract for open source

A two million euro, three to four year framework contract for providing open source support was awarded to open source specialist Alter Way, system integrator Capgemini and Java specialist Zenika by Disic, the...

22 June 2012 | Europa

139 participants at the SEMIC 2012 conference

This year’s edition of the Semantic Interoperability Conference 2012 (SEMIC 2012), which was held on 18 June in Brussels, has reached an attendance record of 139 visitors. This number is a nearly 60% increase...

22 June 2012 | EU Institutions

OpenMetadata.org Site Launched to support the statistical data community

In the last months quite some information has been posted on Joinup [1] about the semantic assets/ metadata web management systems of EU Member States. These systems facilitate access to syntax...

22 June 2012 | Europa

W3C announces that all specifications published under the w3.org/TR namespace...

  Thomas Roessler ‏(@roessler) of W3C [1] announced at the SEMIC2012 [2] that all specifications published under the w3.org/TR namespace are now described in the ADMS format [3] and available online: http://...

21 June 2012 | Pan European

Exporting software description metadata from FusionForge

The Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software, ADMS.SW, specifies a standardised way for description metadata for software projects. The development of the specification is an initiative from the European...

18 June 2012 | North America

National Information Exchange Model: it is about the community

Brussels - 18 June. Anthony Hoang, Managing Director of the US National Information Exchange Model (NIEM - U.S. Department of Homeland Security), gave a keynote talk on NIEM at the SEMIC2012 conference in...

18 June 2012 | Pan European

Jeanne Holm at SEMIC2012: Data Drives Decisions

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At the SEMIC 2012 conference, data.gov

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