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Europe's new data laws: Just how many cloud vendors would comply?

ZDNet - Tougher EU data protection rules are planned for adoption late this year or early next. Yet as things stand an overwhelming majority of cloud providers would foul of one or another of the new measures.

The General Data Protection Regulation, likely to be enforced from 2016 or 2017, replaces the 1995 directive and could introduce fines of up to €100m ($134m), along with rules on notifying breaches, data location and the right to be forgotten.

However, only one cloud provider in 100 would meet all aspects of the new law that affects firms either based in Europe or handling data about EU citizens, according to cloud security company Skyhigh Networks, which compiled figures from its database of more than 7,000 cloud services.

"It's staggering how few cloud providers are prepared for the new EU regulations," EMEA director at Skyhigh Networks Charlie Howe said in a statement. "Fortunately, there's still time for providers to get into shape. This means addressing a number of complex issues now."