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Ex-EU digi supremo Steelie Neelie's net neutrality bid in tatters?

The Register - Former EU digital tzar Neelie Kroes’ net neutrality plans for the Continent may be chucked out by national governments.

The latest draft of a law prepared by Italy for national delegations to mull over – a copy of which was leaked by digital rights group EDRi here [PDF] – suggests replacing a definition of net neutrality with a side note alluding to the “objective of net neutrality.” The document says this new approach will allow innovation to flourish.


EDRi head Joe McNamee says the draft waters down proposed protections, claiming that “without meaningful and enforceable net neutrality provisions” the law would achieve exactly the opposite of an open internet.

This latest draft leaves the door open for big online players to strike deals with ISPs for preferential treatment of their content while in transit. This could prove especially attractive for bandwidth-hungry services such as Netflix or YouTube.

According to EDRi, allowing “free” access to certain services and metered access to everything else is “as damaging an infringement” as blocking access to websites.