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FCC may delay release of Net neutrality rules until 2015

CNet - FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who had promised to deliver proposed new rules for managing Internet traffic, may be finding the task more complicated than anticipated, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The US Federal Communications Commission, working on complicated rules about how Internet providers can handle video and other traffic that crosses their networks, may delay offering up its guidelines until 2015 so it can "ensure they are defensible in court and people understand them," The Wall Street Journal reported, citing FCC officials.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who wanted the proposed rules out by the end of this year, has been working to appease advocates of so-called "Net neutrality," as well as providers, who don't want more regulation over their services. Wheeler needs to have his proposed rules completed by the end of the month to submit them in time for the FCC's last open meeting of the year on December 11, but FCC lawyers are pushing for more time, the Journal said.