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Finland leads Europe in cloud service take-up

Computer Weekly - It is a common perception that the adoption of cloud computing in Europe lags behind the US, but the tide now appears to be turning - and the Nordic countries are leading the way.

According to a December 2014 Eurostat study, Finland has the highest take-up of cloud services in Europe and other Nordic countries are close behind. The Eurostat survey – conducted with 150,000 companies in 28 countries – found 51% of Finnish companies uses cloud services, over double the EU average of 19%.

“We see Finland as one of the top countries in the adoption of cloud services,” said Leena Mäntysaari, research analyst at Gartner.

Nordic countries dominated the Eurostat survey. Sweden (39%) and Denmark (38%) take up the third and fourth highest percentages in cloud adoption respectively. The surprise entry is Italy, a country which hasn’t had an impressive track record in ICT surveys, squeezed between the Nordic countries with a cloud services adoption rate of 40%.