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Former FCC Commissioner Seeks Meeting With Obama On Net Neutrality

Huffington Post - WASHINGTON -- As the Federal Communications Commission weighs new rules that could jeopardize net neutrality, the agency's former commissioner Michael Copps is making a direct appeal for President Barack Obama's help in preserving a free and open Internet.

In a joint letter to Obama sent Wednesday, Copps, now a special adviser to advocacy nonprofit Common Cause, and Craig Aaron, the CEO of advocacy group Free Press, request a meeting with the president "to discuss how to solidify open Internet protections."

"We write you today because we are gravely concerned that a pending proposal before the Federal Communications Commission … will undermine Net Neutrality and imperil the future of the open Internet," states the letter from Copps and Aaron, both strong advocates of net neutrality. "The proposal would permit Internet service providers to bifurcate the network into fast lanes for the few who can pay and slow lanes for the rest of us. Gatekeeper control over whether and how people can access information makes a mockery of the dynamic nature of the Internet, stifles innovation, and jeopardizes our civic dialogue."