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How can you capitalise on the Internet of Things?

CBR - The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to provide the 'wow factor' we've come to expect from successful new technologies. Smart tennis racquets that record ball speeds, toothbrushes that keep track of our daily habits and baby sleep suits that send audio and data to a parent's mobile device all have a certain "cuteness" and appeal - and are suddenly appearing in front of us like signposts to a new, smarter and connected future.

Yet, manufacturers of these products may have only a short window in which to take advantage of their first-to-market status. When our homes, cars, offices, factories and so on are all run by invisible wireless sensors, these will need to be mass produced and therefore become less expensive. With inexpensive sensors available, connected products will proliferate and prices undercut.

So where is the real IoT profit going to come from? The UK government certainly thinks that that there is money to be made. Its announcement last month of an additional £45m of funding, brings funding for IoT research to £73m.