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Hungary's internet tax cannot be allowed to set a precedent, says EC

The Register - We cannot allow Hungary to set a precedent with its internet tax, the European Commission’s digital agenda spokesman said on Tuesday.

In response to questions from The Register, Ryan Heath – official mouthpiece for unelected digital czar "Steelie" Neelie Kroes – was scathing about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s plans to impose a tax on internet service providers of around €0.50 per gigabyte of data that travels over their networks.


“This must be seen in a wider context as part of a pattern to limit media and internet freedom,” said Heath. “That is why it is so important to tackle this now before a law is enacted. We have seen the pattern in Hungary where they announce a very tough law and then they moderate it in an effort to seem reasonable. But we cannot allow this issue to fade away.”