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US Ambassador: No, net neutrality will NOT allow the UN to seize control of the internet from us

The Register - US Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda has blown up hyperbolic claims that enforcing net neutrality rules in America could lead to the United Nations taking control of the internet.

Sepulveda, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, is strongly in favor of net neutrality, arguing that it is needed to protect the internet as we know it at home.

He serves as Uncle Sam's ambassador to the UN's International Telecommunication Union, which coordinates crucial stuff like the global use of radio frequencies, satellite orbits and communications infrastructure.

Significantly, given that Sepulveda is the US official in charge of international telecoms policy, he says that recent claims that net neutrality rules would limit the US government's ability to push back against other governments meddling with the web are "fundamentally flawed."