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Why European Commission wants cloud standards and policies in Europe

Computer Weekly - Among the key areas identified by the European Commission to stimulate growth and create jobs in the region is cloud computing. But Europe needs a single cloud market, and easy-to-understand policies and cloud standards to unleash the technology’s potential in the region, according to the Commission.

“We see cloud as an engine of change and a central ingredient for innovation in Europe,” Francisco Medeiros, deputy head of unit, software and services, cloud computing at European Commission told the Datacentres Europe 2014 audience. “Cloud is one of the fastest-growing markets in Europe.”In 2013, worldwide hardware products registered a 4.2% growth to €401bn while software and services registered a 4.5% growth to €877bn, signifying the importance of software services, said Medeiros.

Cloud computing has the potential to employ millions in the region by 2020.

But Europe needs a Europe-specific cloud strategy to encourage its uptake of cloud computing by enterprises, he said.

“Cloud will create 1.3 million jobs without policy intervention, but it will create more than double – 3.8 million – jobs if appropriate policies are applied,” Medeiros said.