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Zero Rating Becomes ‘Hot Potato’ in EU Net Neutrality Debate

Communications Daily  - The story is published today in Communications Daily (attached) and in the Washington Internet Daily. Relevant bits below :

“It’s a tricky issue” and everyone is in “waiting mode” to see what others do, said Maël Brunet, director of European policy and government relations for OpenForum Europe, which advocates for “open, competitive choice for IT users.” Zero rating can seem like a pure consumer benefit, but it raises problem questions on the supply side, he said in an interview. It creates bars to market entry for competitors that are difficult to control under antitrust law, because companies that are blocked from entering a market in the first place aren’t in a position to complain, he said. Zero rating also could force new entrants to come up with high upfront costs to be able to participate, he said. Zero rating also throttles other services, Brunet said. Providers that offer zero-rated services deny it, but effectively, if a company is giving free and faster access to some services, it can decide not to raise normal speeds even when it expands its infrastructure, he said.

Tuesday 11tth March - Comunications Daily - Page 9 and 10