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A new quango overseeing Whitehall contracts. What could possibly go wrong?

Daily Telegraph (Blog)   - The Government has just announced the creation of the Crown Procurement Service. This super-duper new agency is going to mean greater efficiency when Whitehall spends our money. Or so we are told.

A top-down government quango overseeing contracts centrally? What could possibly go wrong?

This new agency will, I fear, do to Whitehall spending what the FSA did for banking. What looks clever and rational on the Cabinet Office drawing board will end badly.

Ominously, we hear precisely the same arguments that were once used to justify the creation of our bankrupt defence procurement regime invoked to explain this new quango.

"This agency will mean more economies of scale," they say. "More purchasing power will give us all better value for money," the churnalists faithfully recount.