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£40m government IT framework up for grabs for small firms

CRN - Government says it wants to move away from buying legacy IT from large systems integrator.

The government is looking to open the door to smaller suppliers as it unveils a £40m IT framework aimed at SMBs who have been "locked out" of government business in the past.

The Digital Services Framework has been put together jointly by the Government Procurement Service and Government Digital Services, and aims to sign up suppliers for a range of digital tech services. The government claims the framework forms part of its efforts to move away from only buying legacy IT from large systems integrators.

The framework, which is accepting applications until August, is looking for firms of all sizes to provide services around software engineering, support and systems administration. It is set to run for nine months.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said the framework demonstrates the government's commitment to making IT procurement fairer for suppliers and more cost efficient for government.