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CloudStore 2.0 - not quite there yet?

businessCLOUD9 - The second iteration of the Government’s CloudStore went live on Friday, but not everyone's entirely looking at it as the improved version the Cabinet Office reckons it is. 

The Cabinet Office says this version is better to version 1, launched in February, because it has:
  • better functionality when it comes to searching, to comparing services and prices, and it has the ability to now purchase directly through the store if buyers are registered with the Government e-Marketplace
  • better for suppliers as "payments will be quicker and easier"
  • profiles can be edited more quickly and comparisons will lead to "a fairer marketplace".
It also says this iteration was built on the Government eMarketplace, “a practical and efficient way of using existing technology” – though as noted, it remains its “intention” to consider using Open Source in future iterations.