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Coalition plans for SMEs in public sector procurement will fail

The Information Daily - The Government and Lord Young want SMEs to share in public sector procurement. To do this they will have to take on a monolithic, ranks-closing, street-fighting behemoth.

The government is trailing its intention to vigorously intervene so that “thousands” of micro-businesses (MBs) get a bite at the massive public sector pie. The government wants this because it hopes that this will kick-start MBs on the road to building successful small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and this in turn will benefit the economy.

This muscular assertiveness on the part of the Government is a result of a report by David Young - Baron Young of Graffham minister first for Trade and Industry and then for Employment under Mrs Thatcher - that says Government efforts to help micro-businesses in the public sector procurement arena are woefully inadequate.

The Government means well but it unfortunately it hardly understands the problem never mind having any idea of the solution.