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Dipping Into the UK Government's Open Source Procurement Toolkit

CompterWorldUK - Glyn Moody - The UK Government has published what it calls its "Open Source Procurement Toolkit". It's a sad reflection of how long the open source in government non-story has been going on that at the top of the home page for those documents you find: "The Government first set out its policy on the use of open source in 2004. This was restated in both 2009 and 2010." And still nothing has happened....

However, trying to look on the bright side, let's welcome the documents offered here - not least because they come in two versions: as PDFs and - drumroll - as ODFs. That might seem a small thing, but that alone shows that somebody gets it - that open source in government isn't just about talking, but about doing. Making document files routinely available in ODF format is an excellent example - so kudos for that, at least.

The first is entitled "All About Open Source." Now, obviously, anyone reading this column probably knows a fair deal about the subject, but this document still has considerable value, in two ways.