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Francis Maude is unashamedly obsessed with procurement but what's in it for suppliers?

Computer Weekly - I attended a government event all about procurement today. The Crown and Suppliers: A New Way of Working, to be exact.

I know this doesn't sound exciting but I know for a fact that Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, has a different view. "I really mean it about being passionate about procurement," said Maude. "We have not got it right for quite some time."

Since the coalition government came to power Maude has been on a mission to cut government costs. IT is a prime target with billions spent on it every year.

The gist of it is that if the government can improve the process of buying IT, for example making it cheaper and quicker, millions can be saved without reducing the end product that IT promises.

But to do this Maude believes the government's procurement teams and the suppliers should talk more. This is why this conference was held and Maude promised it was not a one-off and that there would be more.

Here are some of the points I thought were interesting: