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Government CTO Liam Maxwell recruits army of senior IT leaders to manage new contracts

Computing - Government chief technology officer Liam Maxwell claims that central government has become the place to work for ambitious IT professionals, as he bids to recruit an army of IT leaders to oversee new public sector IT projects as a slew of major contracts come to an end.

Already, says Maxwell, more than 100 senior IT "leaders" with a track record of delivering major projects in the private sector have been recruited to fill a central government IT skills gap. Furthermore, Maxwell wants to hire many more, particularly as mega-contracts such as HMRC's multi-billion pound Aspire outsourcing contract draw to a close.

"It's time to change the way that people work with technology [in the public sector] to move away from the black box - to start multi-sourcing and to take back control of our destiny," said Maxwell. "The main thing is really to be in charge and take control of our own destiny in IT."

Earlier this year, Maxwell used a keynote speech at IP Expo to claim that government needed to "reset its relationship with IT", and in the process make it better, more modern, more joined-up and cheaper, too.   

Part of the problem Maxwell identified was a lack of experienced leadership over IT and outsourced contracts which, he hopes, will be overcome by a new model that places directly employed specialists in charge.