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OFT Call for information on the supply of ICT to the public sector

Computer Weekly - I regularly hear complaints that public sector procurement is dominated by a cartel of a dozen or players advised by teams of consultants (often former civil servants) and that any small firm with an innovative solution should run a mile before it is suckered into making futile bids and bankrupted. Yesterday my attention was drawn to the opportunity for the whingers to have their say.

The Office of Fair Trading recently issued a call for information on the supply of ICT services to the public sector including barriers to changing supplier and barriers to entry, especially for smaller businesses.

I personally have very strong views on the way that framework contracts have been used to replace in-house services by expensive and inefficient monopolies, such as Civil Service Learning  on which I have blogged before. I believe there should be a competitive market for procurement services, with league tables showing their costs, efficiencies, audiences (both buyers and suppliers) and throughput (over time) so that central and local government operations can make informed decision which to use, for what - and suppliers can decide which are good sources of business and therefore worth the cost and time of bidding to join.